The intensive three-week programme of the Moscow Curatorial Summer School consists of lectures, workshops, reading-groups, field-trips and other activities as well as of developing a group project. The curriculum is structured around the theme of the School.
22 July, Friday, 12:30
Beatrice von Bismarck
Presents her projects

25 July, Monday, 15:00
Wayne Modest
Presents Center for Material Culture

26 July, Tuesday, 10:30
Jana Scholze
Presents her projects

28 July, Thursday, 15:00
Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer
Presents his projects

29 July, Friday, 15:00
Latika Gupta
Presents curatorial project at a trade routes' artifacts
museum in Kargil, Ladakh

2 August, Tuesday, 15:00
Bill Brown
Presents on Curatorial Things, session 1

4 August, Thursday, 15:00
Bill Brown
Presents on Curatorial Things, session 2

Lectures and some of the workshops are open for general admission. Full curriculum is available for selected participants only.

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